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Testimonials from Professionals

Post Adoption Services

Have referred to Crystal Goals again and again – great experience.


Social worker.

Was very professional throughout the treatment and intervention with my clients.

Senior Practitioner

I can talk to Charnj for hours on end….great psychologist – wealth of experience and knowledge.

Family Support Worker for JJ

Enjoyed working with Charnj – great work.

**** HM Courts

Reports are fantastic.

Fostering/Care Leavers

My Children and Families all talk very highly of this service – Very welcoming and supportive.


Wealth of information.



Charnj has a great way of working – scary how quickly she unravels the behaviours and the truth.


Deputy Head

Wow….Great work.


Very genuine person – Great work – keep it up… 

Child Protection Services

Charnj stepped in to help us – wow – very open and honest and diplomatic – family instantly engaged with her. 12 months on this family. 


Really enjoyed working alongside Charnj – Made learning so interesting and easy.

Mission Statement
To help connect and transform lives
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