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Family Testimonials

Bruce and Joy

We got introduced to Crystal Goals via Children Services – Best thing they did. 


Referred to by the Courts –thought it was going to be torture. Was a great experience.


Saw me and my children at weekends, always answered to our queries and supported us individually and as a family. Thank you. 


Her brain was always working at 100mph – fantastic, my kids b=never got one over her. She taught me the skills to manage.

B & G

When I thought I lost my kids for good -thank you for working with me and bringing us back together.


My kids behaviour presented us to Charnj, Charnj helped us become better parents – enjoyed even the difficult parts (am I really saying that) honestly great work.

Jeff and myself

When you have a better insight into the behaviours the solution becomes more apparent. Thank you for helping all five children.


Enjoyed every part – did not feel like treatment.


I am sure we drove you mad with all our arguments – we don’t fight as much. Way you communicate definitely is key. Thank you.

Magnificent Grandmother to LL

Great working with Crystal Goals. Don’t change your approach.


Thank you for helping us – very genuine and sincere. Always presented information sensitively and diplomatically- Learnt so much.

Dominic and Victoria

Could not have done it without you. Learnt so much….


Never thought treatment was going to be easy, but never thought it would feel so good…best thing I ever did. 


I started to understand why he could not communicate with me – when I changed just a little bit of me, he changed to. I now have sole custody, very proud mum.


Challenged my own beliefs of treatment.


When I thought there was no hope, I did not realise it was me that carried the torch. She gave me the tools and helped me put it into practice. Scary but loved the journey.


Great work – family sessions were a challenge but in a bizarre way also a good laugh. 


Learnt so much about behaviour, communication, myself, others…endless.

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